Shadrack Kipchirchir Interview: 2019 USA Cross Country and 15K Champion

Shadrack Kipchirchir Interview: 2019 USA Cross Country and 15K Champion

Coming off a strong start to his 2019 season, Shadrack Kipchirchir hasn't really made any adjustments to his training despite recent adjustments in his results.

With wins at the 2019 USA XC and 15K Championships against very strong fields, this marked a different Shadrack than we have seen in the past. 

"It was a nice win for Kipchirchir, who is most known for getting second at major US Championships." - LetsRun

A superior athlete with a stellar resume and remarkable 10,000m PR (27:07), Shadrack has crossed many finish lines just a step or two behind someone else. Whether you look at it as first loser or second best, one thing he will agree on is that it stings - whether it's financially unfortunate or emotionally challenging. 

Now, at 30 years old, between consistency and great teammates, he credits years of experience to his back-to-back victories. But this hasn't always been the case...

In 2016, Shadrack was 2nd to Galen Rupp at the Olympic Trials and Ryan Hill at USA 5K (Outdoors). In 2017, he was 2nd to Hassan Mead at the USA Championships. In 2018, he was 2nd to Paul Chelimo at the USA Indoor 3K and Lopez Lomong at the USA 10K Championships, as well as Chelimo at the USA 5K Outdoors. We can even go back to 2014, where he was 2nd to Edward Cheserek at the NCAA Track and Field Championships. Not far enough? How about 2011, where he was 2nd to his current teammate, Chelimo, at the Florida Relays. 

With all of that aside, he has always been a team player and preparation for the World XC Championships coming up on March 30th is no different. After a 5th place performance 2 years in Uganda, Shadrack and his teammates are looking to improve on that result with a podium finish this time around. During our interview, we share with him the course that they will be competing on and get his insight.

With a recent announcement by his teammate, P. Chelimo, announcing interest and involvement in the 10,000M, it will be exciting to see if Shadrack will secure his first US 10K title in the upcoming events.

Finally, we would like to thank Shadrack for sitting down with us and his support for ArtiKen. A great athlete and even better person.

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