ArtiKen Goes Digital

ArtiKen Goes Digital

Fans, Supporters, Friends,

In what may be one of the most exciting announcements to date. I am glad to announce ArtiKen has hired Cameron Kinsey, the company's new Digital Media Manager to not just own all digital efforts moving forward but help drive the company to new heights. Please read the feature below that gives a little background as to who the new guy taking over is. While I continue to work full-time throughout the work week, growth is happening every month and big things are happening in Kenya. Because of you, we have added new water lines in Korogocho, did a bathroom overhaul, and much more. I'll get around in the next week or two with an e-mail outlining all of what is happening. For now, I'd really like to focus on the excitement of having someone on board to own the digital footprint moving forward. Social engagement has been a really big reason for growth, yet, it has also taken much time away from me in many different aspects of the business such as operations and logistics. In what will be a transition in the next few weeks, I will happily (and sadly) hand the keys to the gentleman below to run the show. I will still make guest appearances but will turn my focus to streamlining my toughest issue in the entire operation - *up to 8 weeks for delivery* for custom bracelets. While a lot of that has to do with shipping from the middle of nowhere Kenya through US customs and to my front door, I now have more time to turn my focus to cutting the lead time to 4-5 and work on scaling the business. With that said, if you don't already, please follow us on all of ArtiKen's social channels below as exciting content is coming. Also, I'm going to make a little extra push on following us on YouTube as we are so close to securing 100 subscribers which will allow us to create a unique username that will align with all other social channels. 

Thank you so much for your continued support and as always, do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Chris Hough


Cameron Kinsey

He might just be passionate about running and creating. Additionally, Cam became interested in film-making at a very young age and since then has continued to learn more and how to produce various forms of media within visual arts. Born and raised in the Gem City, Dayton, Ohio. Those Midwestern values of hard work and perseverance are instilled deep within his DNA. He started running in 8th grade after an 8 mile run with his dad and never stopped. Today, Cam runs for Ohio University and is pursuing a degree in Integrated Media. He loves long walks on the beach. Ok, not sure about that. But he does love traveling, meeting new people, and connecting with others. Cam's motto is to live life to the fullest and find ways to inspire others. 

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