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Welcome to ArtiKen: Handmade. Redefined.

Welcome to ArtiKen: Handmade. Redefined.

The concept started over a year ago. It was time to brand the product. 

“It needed to be simple, tell the story, yet integrated within the product. I didn’t want to implement anything extra; I wanted to brand the product line through beads. The bracelets, the keychains, the anklets, everything.” - Christopher Hough, Founder and CEO of ArtiKen


With this brand revamp, we recourse trajectory. This facelift comes with a complete overhaul. The new visual identity for ArtiKen opens the brand to a wider audience. Like a new-born hawk, we are ready to spread our wings, expand, and align the company’s new mission:

To provide a gateway to access the most beautiful and intricate handcrafted accessories from Kenya while contributing to clean water solutions in the country. 

The premium positioning of our branding reflects the quality that we are determined to bring to market in the handmade category. Through every single product, we are redefining your perception of an ideal handcrafted experience. 


With the name ArtiKen, short for [Ken]yan [Arti]sans, we pay homage to the Kenyan homeland and bring to fore artisans who breathe life into these unique products. With ArtiKen, we want to go beyond a brand, we’re in the business of making a difference. Clean water access remains a painstaking struggle for many; 10 percent of our net profits will continue to play a vital part in clean water initiatives throughout the country. With every purchase, you provide, and play a part in phenomenal change. 

The new brand system retains the key components that built the brand. The color palette is energized with the addition of Aqua Blue, Earth Brown, and Courage Red. Aqua Blue stands for difference you create, Earth Brown represents the roots of our origin, and Courage Red symbolizes the warrior spirit residing within each one of us. The logo inculcates the key elements of the brand, a water droplet that sits boldly above the handmade bracelets that hatched its existence. The fonts chosen were Proxima Nova and Rabsy. Proxima Nova gives a clean touch to the system whereas Rabsy projects Kenyan excellence. 

Welcome to ArtiKen.

Handmade. Redefined.™



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