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Artisan Spotlight: Juliana Lavi

Artisan Spotlight: Juliana Lavi

Name: Julianna Lavi

Position: Master Artisan

Specialty: Creating the impossible

Age: 29 years old

Relationship Status: “Married to the Beads.” (Yes, she said that. Haha.)

Julianna is an astonishingly talented artisan who hails from Machakos County, Kenya, right outside of Nairobi. Living close to the city allowed Julianna to sell her products at the market to locals and tourists alike. Once we had Julianna join our team, she immediately blossomed. 

Julianna is responsible for creating the font type (letters and numbers) for all text bracelets in our arsenal. She has also created dozens of other designs and styles that are on wrists all over the world. She has an affinity for difficult projects and we are continually impressed by what she is able to accomplish.

ArtiKen Alphabet

Through the support of our customers, we are able to support her with a full time job. All of our artisans are full time workers, meaning that they have a job that they may not have gotten otherwise. Julianna is a very family-oriented individual, and we are happy to be able to contribute to her prosperity and love for creating. Julianna is passionate about working for ArtiKen and decorating wrists around the world. She brings the fire every day and has made an awesome impact on our company!

ArtiKen 'Cherry on Top' Bracelet

When you purchase a bracelet from ArtiKen, you receive much more than just a bracelet. You receive hours of hard work and care from each of our artisans. Our artisans are central to our entire business and we are proud to be able to bring their beautiful handmade work to the world. As ArtiKen grows, so does our group of artisans. We look forward to doing more Artisan Spotlights!



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