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ArtiKen was developed simply to fill a void in the marketplace. I initially tried to secure a bracelet from Kenya back in 2008 but that wish unfortunately never materialized. What I thought would have been an easy request, turned out to be something much more difficult. I had made numerous request for a handmade bracelet made by a Kenyan artisan but was contingent on when I had a friend going back to the country. 

As for me, my name is Christopher Hough and I now reside in St Petersburg, Florida. I decided to formulate ArtiKen with the intention of making these sought after bracelets much easier to obtain. Not only did I have my own difficult experiences of trying to get a bracelet from Kenya, I was told from other professional athletes that they had also tried and failed.  

With that said, I was given some contacts to individuals in Kenya that make Maasai bead bracelets and I'm now on a mission to create a factory, bring more jobs to Kenya, and give 10% of every unit sold towards helping to provide access to clean, safe, and reliable water across all of Kenya.

Outside of that, be sure to follow us across all social platforms via @ArtiKenCo

We look forward to hearing from you.

Asante Sana!

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