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Water for Kenya


Water for Kenya [W4K] is a non-profit powered by ArtiKen where 10% of the profits here at ArtiKen are funneled directly to W4K where we help fund water clean water projects throughout Kenya.

Access to clean and safe water remains a significant challenge for many Kenyan communities and the projects we take part in range from harvesting rainwater, building latrines, borehole drilling, and back to the former projects because of infrastructure maintenance.

W4K's Mission is to provide access to clean and safe water to underserved communities throughout the country of Kenya, by working with local experts and on ground partners. Our vision is simple: a future where every person in Kenya has access to clean water, regardless of their location or socioeconomic status.


As of 2024, ArtiKen has donated just over $100,000 USD serving communities West of Eldoret to North of Mombasa and everywhere in between. Prior to 2024, we have donated via many amazing organizations such as The Water Project. However, moving forward we will begin funneling the proceeds through a new Nonprofit; Water for Kenya. Over the years, Christopher Hough has been fortunate to learn the ins and outs of working with Governments to obtain permits to forming relationships with valuable partners to get great jobs done at competitive rates.

At this very point in time, W4K is not a 501c3 so no additional donations will be welcomed until the process is complete. With that said, we aim to have all of the processes finished and this page redone by Giving Friday of this year.