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Chris Hough talks NIL with Dyestat!

Chris Hough talks NIL with Dyestat!

A week ago, I had the opportunity to sit down with Doug Binder from Dyestat about the major law changes that have taken place within the NCAA that have recently provided student-athletes the opportunity to monetize off of their NIL [name, image, and likeness].

Shortly after the law provided brands like ArtiKen the ability to work with collegiate athletes, I immediately reached out to a handful of athletes that had already been wearing ArtiKen product to strike a deal with.

LEARN more about who those athletes are HERE and some tips that I give to student-athletes interested in capitalizing on this latest opportunity.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Please note that all institutions and States have separate laws and I strongly encourage that you reach out to your local compliance officer to help you navigate these recent [and exciting] changes!

Thanks for watching.
Chris Hough

Founder + CEO