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Your Mother's Favorite Runner wears ArtiKen

Your Mother's Favorite Runner wears ArtiKen

Advertising isn't rocket science.

In most circumstances, it's quite simple.

By definition, advertising is the business of trying to persuade people to buy products or services.

That's why - here at ArtiKen, we wanted to make sure we worked with someone that not only we trusted, but someone your mother trusted.

So when we found Your Mother's Favorite Runner - it was a no-brainer.

Pictured: Craig Engels 

When we initially reached out. We wanted to ensure it was going to be a good fit and it turned out to be a perfect match - similar to his match with your mother.

He loved what we were doing with our clean water initiatives and we loved his passion for sustainability and limited waste.

And that was that. Advertising 101.

We send Craig product. We pay Craig for his endorsement. He advertises to his following. We advertise to our following. 

With that said, Mr. Engels can be seen wearing an array of ArtiKen bracelets throughout your typical week.

Whether it's a special custom piece for race day or a citius bracelet to match with his fur coat for Netflix and Chill with your mom; he's always outfitted appropriately.

Oh, and that bracelet your mom is wearing ... ask her where she got it! 😉