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If you follow us on the Gram, you'll have noticed our last 15 photos included a bright colored backdrop - starting with blue.

Alright, let's walk you back to when we signed the lease for this building earlier this year. We knew instantly that the side of the building was desperate for a mural but we weren't quite sure.

St. Petersburg, FL is home to 100s of murals around downtown but can be found all over the city. You can find a good list of them here:

As for ours, we wanted something a little different than your traditional jaw-dropping mural. Something that would really want you to drive to it and take a photo. We had just finished the photo studio inside the building and thought why not bring a photo studio outside the building. We can paint different color panels and allow people to create cool content for their personal social media.

With the Olympics our focus for 2021, we decided that we would utilize the colors of the Olympic Rings and create 5 equal panels to allow anyone to use our canvas for their studio.

Please geotag @ArtiKen or tag our account if you swing by and share something on your channel/s. We'd love to see what you create!