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[CUSTOM] Bracelets Now Available

[CUSTOM] Bracelets Now Available

When ArtiKen was reborn and elevated on July 4, 2019 - three years after its founding, some key components of the brand were put on hold. Releasing the entire arsenal we had lined up in one day would have been overwhelming, so we held off on a few major pieces. Some delayed releases following the initial July 4th drop included the “Spiked Up. Psyched Up.” bracelet and keychain, and Jordan Hasay’s Shining Star pack. We have saved one of the biggest, most anticipated elements of ArtiKen until now. This is more than one product. This is more than a collaboration. This is…[CUSTOM] CREATIONS.

Since ArtiKen’s founding in 2016, the ability to customize your own unique product has been something that makes ArtiKen special. The first bracelets that ArtiKen Founder and CEO Christopher Hough received directly from Kenya after years of trying to get his hands on one were customized with his name. While all of our products are unique due to the fact that they are individually handmade, [CUSTOM] CREATIONS opens up endless pathways to unique designs and artwork that is exclusive to you. Our [CUSTOM] CREATIONS are made to order - our artisans put their hearts and souls into bringing you a product that you previously only dreamed of.

There are truly endless possibilities to what you can create, from something as simple as a solid-colored bracelet with a flashy border to a bracelet that combines text, flags, patterns and more. Our goal is to bring your dream bracelet to life and to give you something that you can be confident nobody else is rocking. 

In the past, we have worked on custom designs for elite athletes and Olympic medalists such as Paul Chelimo, Shadrack Kipchirchir, Tinman Elite, and so many more. Each custom order we receive gets the gold medal treatment: you want it, we make it. The customization process has been central to ArtiKen since the beginning, and we are pumped to be bringing it back.

When asked about the launch of the Custom Creations, ArtiKen Founder and CEO, Christopher Hough said:

“Customization is a big part of our business. It’s also a large reason why I started the company. Having the ability to customize something specific to you, your story, heritage, alma mater, goals, or anything in between are just a few ideas of what our customers are creating. The fact you can now have a visual representation of your custom build is instrumental for the user experience. A lot of time went into this and we’re really excited to continue delivering exceptional handmade products from Kenya.”

As with all of our products, [CUSTOM] CREATIONS pieces are handmade in Kenya and 10% of net profits go directly back to clean water initiatives in Kenya. We have redefined the handmade process, now we are redefining the customization process, and the possibilities are endless.